Greetings, fellow traveller in this journey of life.

what is a mossBiscuit?


Heck if I know. I think I came up with the concept when my wife brought home a chunk of moss, which we kept in a tupper for over a year. But the domain name was available for pretty cheap and it sounds pretty catchy to me. This website is a hobby/passion project, so I’m allowing it to be about as weird and confusing as life itself sometimes is.

This is a hub for my other projects, but it is also a standalone site. Here, I write about my experience creating the other projects, and this is also a catch-all for projects that haven’t earned their own website. It’s a septagon (because it’s my favorite shape) filled with seven bars, each representing the main color of my projects. It is meant to encapsulate the diversity and weirdness of my interests.

what kinds of things happen here?

I’m planning to share all kinds of things here:

  • Semi-random updates about my life (that I think are shareable)
  • Occasional updates about my related projects
  • Results of engineering hobby projects (coming soon)
  • Results of my writing projects (coming soon)

who runs this thing?

My name is Landon Taylor. I’m a PhD student (studying formal methods in engineering), but I somehow manage to have enough free time to enjoy a hobby or two. I don’t keep a journal, so I instead make important things public to incentivize remembering and learning from my past.

how to get in touch?


Matrix Chat:

Email me: click to reveal email

Contact Policy: As a rule, I try to respond to all genuine messages within a day or two. I absolutely do not tolerate spam, abuse, hate, or NSFW messages (besides swearing, feel free to spice up your message with some swears if you want). I take this policy seriously and block users and take legal action where appropriate.