2024  2

May  1

Photo of houses through a fence

I felt artsy so I took some photos of my favorite micropolitan hellscape.

Enjoy this gallery of the city I call home.

March  1

A van on a road

The fediverse is actually kind of nice.

I’ve learned that open-source, federated, free social media is the more ethical choice.

2023  2

October  1

A door with a key

Open-Source Software I Actually Justify Paying For

I love open-source software. There are a few projects I happily support, and I felt they deserve a shoutout.

September  1

The new logo and podcast cover image for Elemental Epistles

Introducing MossBiscuits!

I do a ton of different things, and I am so excited to have a hub to showcase them all together under one proverbial roof. From a professional portfolio and coding projects to cooking and religious blogs, I hope MossBiscuits has something interesting to offer you. What to Expect As of now, my plan is for MossBiscuits to serve a number of purposes: Act as a central hub for my wide array of projects; Feature my projects that don’t currently have a better home (including writing projects, interactive web toys, documentation, and others); and Do some boring behind-the-scenes business involving my hosting provider....